“10 USBs” – The concept of a device that facilitates the work of the PC

Modern USBs have 2 problems

  1. Users often face the problem of lack of available USB ports,as they are all occupied by other devices
  1. Often USB connectors are located on the backside of the computer, which makes their use difficult

The apparatus is an integral part of the computer, and it fully solves these problems.


In the first place, instead of the usual 2-4, it has as much as 10 USB ports. The user can forget about the deficit of USB ports.

In the second place, the user will not have to bend over, to crawl under the table in order to plug the cord. The unit is conveniently located on the PC system unit, at arm’s length.




Also, the device has as many as 3 identical headphone jacks (TRC). Since headphones often fail for a person who likes to listen to music through headphones.

And for additional convenience, the device also has a power button and a built-in card reader.

This device will save users from unnecessary worries and will make handling the computer simple and convenient.



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