Today, the level of competition on the market for home printers is very high. Over the past decade, the technical level and the functionality of printers increased significantly, so the majority of firms in the market offer very high-quality products for the private consumer.

Therefore, for most buyers the main criteria for selecting a particular device are the price and the brand. Today it is very difficult to hit a potential customer with an unusual feature that will force him to buy your printer, instead of the printer produced by a competitor much more familiar to the client.

At the same time, the design of printers has not changed so much, and most of them have a simple, close to the rectangular shape, case without any bright designers’ ideas.

I am sure that in the present conditions of the market, a successful design can give a significant competitive advantage to the company.

In my design, I have used the curves and lines that resemble a sheet of paper, as well as the shape and proportions of classical architecture.

All these principles emphasize the functionality of the printer and, on the other hand, turns it into a beautiful piece that could decorate a desk and an interior of the room.


Printer 01

Printer 02
Printer 03

Principle of operation of the printer


Folded printer



Printer 04


Printer 05

Printer 06


Design Patent

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