Drone Phone -Smartphone of the future


In this page you will get a possibility to make yourself familiar with the features of the Smartphone of the new generation that will become available in the coming years

The main idea is the integral link between a Smartphone and a micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

UAV is placed inside the Smartphone body and could be taken out easily and be used in everyday life.

UAV is equipped with a web camera and with all components (motor, control system, battery, etc.) necessary for a free flight for at least 10-15 minutes.

UAV control occurs through the application on the Smartphone.


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New possibilities:

  1. The tremendous scope for choice of subject sand positions for Selfie. With this device, a person can easily try himself in the role of actor, operator or And to achieve impressive results.
  2. Convenient real time video conversation.
  3. Convenient photographing from a long distance or from a hard angle.
  4. Distances and heights measuring. Application measures the path and altitude using UAV coordinates.

Modes of UAV control from your Smartphone:

  1. Automatic face detection. Software application feature automatically detects a person’s face in the video frame. And according to his position adjusts the orientation of the camera and the UAV in the right direction. And also manages and adjusts the flight of the UAV following the object.
  2. Manual control via the application.
  3. Detecting a location of the Smartphone and following the Smartphone.
  4. Free flight in accordance with a preset path.

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UAV consists of:

  1. Platform: body, battery, motors, propellers
  2. Control System
  3. Navigation system (GPS)
  4. Different types of sensors(sensors of contacts,vibrations, ultrasonic, etc.)
  5. Web camera
  6. Communication systems (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi , etc)

Smartphone consists of:

  • Inner space for UAV placement
  • UAV control application
  • Communication system (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi , etc)

UAV unit


  1. Battery
  2. Control system
  3. Motors
  4. Different types of sensors(sensors of contacts,vibrations, ultrasonic, etc.)
  5. Webcamera and flash
  6. Communication systems (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi , etc)
  7. Navigation systems

Vertical rotation of the camera:


UAV control applications.


A   Smartphone user’s screen area

B   Second person’s screen area

  1. Upper Smartphone panel
  2. Upper UAV control panel. Indicators: left time of the flight, battery, percentage of the charge, communication signal quality, control mode, communication type.
  3. Video shooting
  4. Flash
  5. The frame around the face in an automatic face detection
  6. Application setups
  7. Dimensional coordinates of the UAV
  8. Remote control of an alien UAV
  9.  Vertical position controller
  10. Horizontal position controller

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